"Nineteen years ago, I brought our daughter N to your consulting rooms for treatment of endometriosis because I believed you were the best. Betty, you always greeted N warmly and always made her feel comfortable. Jose, I absolutely trusted your surgical skills.What was more important to me was that N would be treated with skill and compassion and if so wished, despite her endometriosis would be able to have children of her own. N and her husband have a son J who is 3 years old and P her daughter born on 31 May 2018. With each N had a retained placenta and PPH which we anticipated given her history. On both occasions she recovered well. N is now a Clinical Nurse Manager at Waikato. I retired from Midwifery to become a grandmother. My husband and I care for our grandson 2 days a week and I could not be happier! Thank you for everything. For the joy and the happiness we are all experiencing. Warm regards."



"I have recently had prolapse and pelvic floor surgery carried out by Jose Roman. This was my 4th gynaecological operation, the first laparoscopic- but I was quite nervous, it doesn’t get easier no matter how many operations you go through. However, from the first consultation Mr Roman and his team made me very comfortable, his manner is very empathetic and kind, he was not rushed with his explanations concerning the operation, hospital care and the ongoing convalescence process. He also allowed plenty of time for questions and I appreciate his little drawings for extra clarity and the other information sheets. Another big reassurance for me, in the light of recent bad publicity, was that Mr Roman does not use surgical mesh. The operation went well and although I left hospital with a catheter, Mr Roman was available to me via mobile phone should there be any problem- which was another reassurance for me. Overall a big thank you to Mr Roman and his team who made this surgery as pleasant an experience as it could be. I feel lucky to have had such an experienced surgeon with so much expertise carrying out the operation, enabling a speedy recovery and a more comfortable life for me in the future."

Mrs C.C.


"I recently had a laparoscopic hysterectomy, bladder repair, bowel repair, pelvic floor repair, done by Jose Roman, I cannot say enough about him and his very professional team at Braemar Hospital. From being welcomed into his rooms by his receptionist to leaving Braemar and follow up appointment back at his rooms, I was made to feel so welcome, cared for such kindness in a very professional manner. Jose is so caring and gentle with his procedure that the pain killers were not really necessary after the first two days, I have not had any medication since leaving hospital as it was simply not needed. I fully recommend Jose and his team for any surgery or treatment that any lady may require from their services. "

Mrs N.I.


"I just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU for your excellent care and expertise. I firmly believe you are one of the best Laparoscopic Gynaecologist Surgeons in NZ, may be even the world… That is why I came from Christchurch up to you. Thank you for being there and not letting me down in any way. I was not nervous at all at any stage and the people you have on your team inside and outside theatre are also excellent. I am really hoping you will not need to operate on me again, but you will be who I will call if I need it. Muchas gracias por su atencion professional. Usted es maravilloso."



"I can’t thank you enough again for everything you have done for me… I have appreciated all of your patience and continual support when I came to see you for my initial consultation for suspected Fibroids and the precautions needed due to my late mother’s peritoneal cancer. Thank you for arranging tests, MRI’s, recommending a Colonoscopy and the most importantly the Surgery last week. Many thanks You are very gifted in what you do. "



"I recently had a successful laparoscopic hysterectomy with Mr Jose Roman. His entire team was highly skilled, focused and respectful of my needs throughout the operation and the following stay in Braemar Hospital. He proved he was up to date and determined to get the best possible outcome for me his patient. He took a pride in his work. The team was mindful that I had a three hour trip home and prepared me well and gave me medication to make my journey easier. Actually none of the tablets were used, as I felt really well and continued to improve steadily over the next six weeks. I am glad I had the surgery and fully recommend you to have Jose Roman as your surgeon."

Mrs J.D.


"I would like to say that of all the different medical care that I have had, this experience was one of the best. Jose Roman and all of his team - pre-surgery, post-surgery and during the short stay in hospital were better than anyone could hope for. Jose was always caring, kind and very gentle in all areas of examination along with giving very full and extremely informative information about what I was about to go through. He spoke in language that the ordinary lay person could understand and if you were unsure would go back over what was necessary. His door was always open and he made sure that you understood that at any time if you had questions all you needed to do was pick up a phone or flick off an email. The whole team that he has working with him are of the same impeccable quality and I could not speak highly enough of them. Please be assured that with him doing your laparoscopic surgery you could not be in better hands. "

Mrs M.F.


"I would like to thank you very much for your services. My first appointment I was very nervous and not wanting to be there, the fear of the unknown. Your rooms are beautifully and peaceful which was very soothing for the soul. I found you to be very kind and caring and a true gentleman, so thank you. You explained everything very well to me and always had a open door policy. Encouraging me to either ring or email if I had any questions and that was great. It gave me reassurance that you would be there if I needed you. Bronwyn and Betty were great, encouraging and reassuring as well. I rang Bronwyn many times with questions and she was always great, very patient. Your theatre team were also very kind and caring and reassuring as well. I remember saying to them they had to make sure I woke up or I would come back and haunt them, they smiled and held my hand. 😊 I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, as you were brilliant, kind, professional, caring and I would recommend you to anyone. God Bless"

Mrs H.E.


"I would not hesitate in recommending Mr Jose Roman to anyone needing Gynaecological Surgery. I was totally impressed with all aspects of my surgery and postoperative care. From my initial appointment with Mr Roman prior to surgery, through to theatre and recovery, I appreciated Jose’s professionalism and felt at ease that I was in good hands. All aspects of surgery and after care were explained clearly and precisely. I was amazed at how quickly I recovered and healed after having keyhole surgery for a total hysterectomy. I was also very grateful to Jose for going the “extra mile” post op in getting a second opinion from America on whether or not I needed further treatment."

Mrs L.S.


“I have had two gynaecological experiences with Jose Roman. The first was a laparoscopic hysterectomy in 2003. I, like, I am sure, many women had many reservations about this procedure but on discussion with Jose his reassurance and careful, attentive and highly detailed step-by-step account to me of what to expect before, during and post was excellent. A “bed-side manner” of this calibre is not often found today but this was certainly well appreciated by myself. My recovery was swift and I felt easily able to contact Jose with any uncertainties I had over that time. My second experience was equally as well understood and informed. I have the utmost confidence, as a result of these experiences, in the expertise of Jose. The benefits of laparoscopic surgery far outweigh the older style full surgical hysterectomy in that recovery time is significantly less due to no stitching; there is very little discomfort, it is cleaner and you are at less risk of infection. You can commence normal active life in a very short time. ”

Ms S.W.


“You performed a laparoscopy on me just before Christmas last year and removed some areas of endometriosis. I had been suffering from painful periods for some months and had also been experiencing fertility problems including a miscarriage half way through the year. I just wanted to write and let you know that I am now 14 weeks pregnant and have had a scan of a beautiful healthy baby. My husband and I would really like to thank you so much for what you did for us. As I am 39, we knew that the clock was ticking and we are so thrilled to be pregnant with our second child. The speed and efficiency with which the surgery was performed was so impressive and I am so grateful that we were able to deal so swiftly with a problem that I know can remain painful and undiagnosed for years. I also know that many women in my situation struggle unsuccessfully with infertility and I do believe this surgery has made a huge difference to me and my chances of conceiving. Thank you so much to you and all your wonderful team and warmest wishes. ”

Mrs R.D.


“As a GP I have had complete confidence referring patients to Dr Roman. We were fortunate that Jose was there for us to deliver both our children and later as a laparoscopic hysterectomy patient I learnt in person the value of such wonderful technology in competent hands. I was comfortably walking about in a couple of days and back to full work in less than 2 weeks. I was quite fit prior to surgery which helps, since then I have improved fitness and enjoy skiing, golf, long tramps and lots else. Thanks, Jose”

Dr A.G.


“I can’t thank you enough for the kindness and care shown to me over the past few months. I feel exceptionally lucky to have been fortunate enough to have you as my surgeon. Jose you made it a pleasure to be operated on and I am in awe of your skill!. Another huge thanks to Betty, Bronwyn and your staff and medical team. No one could have treated me with more respect or with greater friendness. The whole experience was a bit daunting on first diagnosis but everyone has made it almost a pleasure to need the surgery. All the best for the future and know that you ALL will hold a special place in my heart always. Much love.”

Ms L.J


“I was terrified before my first appointment with Jose Roman but as soon as I walked into his peaceful rooms and met lovely Betty and Bronwyn I felt so much more at ease. Jose is a gentleman; he treated me with such warm, kind and gentle professional care. I ended up having a laparoscopic hysterectomy and sit here at work, two weeks later having to keep reminding myself that I’ve had major surgery! I was up and about less than a day after surgery and stopped all painkillers two days post. I was a little tired when I got home but otherwise felt great. Jose and his team are obviously very gentle with the procedure for me to have felt so little discomfort afterwards. I bled a little two days ago and called Jose fairly late in the evening. Again, Jose made me feel like his most important patient and made me feel more relaxed about my concerns. He always gave as much time as I needed with my many questions and concerns and I really appreciated that. All the staff and Krish Nayar (Anaesthetist) at Braemar Hospital were wonderful, so kind and attentive. I felt very comfortable in their care. I can’t thank them all enough. I also can’t tell you how grateful I am to Jose, a very special man. I am so thankful I was able to have him as my surgeon. Thank you Jose, your team, Betty and Bronwyn. ”

Mrs C.V.B


“In February 2008 I went to my GP seeking advice to have a Hysterectomy after news of my 2 sisters both having cancer of the ovaries. My GP suggested since we had health insurance, that the best option was to make an appointment with Jose Roman in Hamilton. He even rang for an appointment while I was there for the following Tuesday. The first consultation with Jose revealed a problem and at this stage was given a very full explanation in a professional way. Jose suggested an ultrasound scan to confirm his findings. At the end of consultation his office staff had made an appointment for the scan within a few days. The 2nd consultation was the following week and again a very informed explanation of prognosis and options of treatment available. Jose suggested what he thought was the best option and the reason for it. Jose even made an appointment for me to speak to the Anaesthetist because of a bad experience I had after a miscarriage many years before. Like Jose, Krish Nayar was very reassuring and professional with the advice he offered after discusing the contents of Medic Alert bracelet. By now my operation was only 6 days away and was feeling very calm and informed of the whole procedure. Two days before operation had final session with Jose to cover any questions, again reassurance was given along with details for operation day. Before the operation Jose, Krish and Sandra all called to make sure I had no questions or concern and to offer reassurance. At the end of my surgery my Husband was met by Jose to inform him of how the operation went and that everything had gone to plan. Both Jose and Krish would come in to check on me before and after surgery each day. During my stay in Braemar Hospital the care was of exceptionally high standard. The hospital staff made you feel very important and special. At all times Jose made you feel comfortable and empowered and was very sincere and reassuring. This enabled me to fully trust and appreciate his ability. I would recommend Dr Jose Roman to my friends. In fact to all that need this type of surgery. Jose and his team went the extra mile to reassure me both before and after surgery. A BIG THANK YOU. ”

Mrs C.M.

Te Awamutu

“This is just to say a huge thank you for all your help, patience, kindness and understanding in diagnosing and treating me with endometriosis. Nothing was too much trouble for you both in helping me and especially in seeing and treating me in such short time. I am so happy and excited about having my life back. Thank you so much for everything. Mrs A.C. from Hamilton In 2005 I was referred by my GP to Jose Roman after a period of debilitating bleeding and dropping iron levels. I made enquiries through my network of friends, about the professional reputation of Dr Roman prior to my first consultation with him. Feedback was extremely positive. I was given an excellent explanation of the prognosis and treatment options and with complete confidence, underwent a laparoscopic hysterectomy two weeks later. True to what I had been told to expect, I was up and walking about the following day, earlier than others, and feeling great. I was able to return to work after less than 2 weeks and, while taking sensible precautions, had virtually forgotten about the surgery after a matter of weeks. The information I was given before and after the procedure was full and informative. Dr Roman’s manner makes it very easy to communicate and he is certainly a recognised leader with this type of surgery. I would, and have, recommended him to my friends. ”

Miss H.D.


“From my very first consultation I was warmed to Dr Jose Roman’s professionalism and ability to ensure that I clearly understood my medical condition, the best treatment for my condition, the best method of undertaking this treatment and the consequences of the treatment. The professionalism that I experienced from Dr Jose Roman and his wonderful team relating to my first operation, meant that I didn’t hesitate to consult Dr Jose Roman again when it became apparent that I needed more treatment for another condition some 3 years later. At all times I was made to feel comfortable and dealt with in a sincere manner and most importantly my dignity was never threatened. I highly recommend Dr Jose Roman without any hesitation what so ever and will continue to repeat my associations with him in the future”. My partner wishes to express the following- :I highly respect Dr Jose Roman, he conducts himself in a very professional manner and ensured that I was involved in all aspects of J’s treatment which allowed me to trust and appreciate his ability and professionalism. ”

Mrs J. M.


“I found myself needing repair work after gynaecological surgery performed by another surgeon. Feeling in a helpless situation and afraid to stay with the same surgeon, I referred myself to Dr Jose Roman. I found him to be genuinely interested in my predicament, honest and did research on my case in his own time. He performed the necessary repair surgery and follow up care, and after 1 year later I am well. If ever in the future I should need further surgery I’m very thankful and at ease to be under his care. ”

Mrs D. H.


“Earlier this year (2007) after experiencing some postmenopausal bleeding my GP referred me to Dr Roman, who advised me to have a hysteroscopy. It was a very quick and painless procedure performed under a light anaesthetic at Braemar Day Hospital. The results of the Hysteroscopy were given to me about 10 days later, I was found to have Uterine Cancer. Dr Roman advised me to have a full Laparoscopic Hysterectomy which meant the removal of my uterus, ovaries, cervix and lymph nodes. He gave me a great deal of comprehensive written information and described laparoscopic surgery to me, told me what to expect after the operation, and answered all my questions honestly and in laymans language. After the operation I was surprised to feel almost no pain or discomfort, and minimal scarring, just a couple of tiny scars either side of my tummy. I was able to return home less than 48 hours after being in theatre, and did not require any further pain medication. I rested a lot but was able to do light housework, able to drive 7 days after the operation, and although I was careful for the next few weeks was soon able to pick up the threads of normal life again. Four months after the operation I feel very well, and in hindsight am amazed at how quickly and painlessly my recovery was in spite of the fact that I have undergone a major operation. I cannot speak too highly of Dr Roman, his skills as a surgeon and his wonderful team, at all times I was treated with consideration and respect and would not hesitate to recommend laparoscopic surgery to other women who need a hysterectomy. ”

Mrs L.M.


“For eight years I have suffered with bad painful periods and heavy blood loss. Three out of four weeks I felt unwell, either in pain or tired after heavy periods. I also had constant pain in my right groin which I’d got used to having. Then I went to see Jose Roman, he offered me other treatments, but then he mentioned a hysterectomy by keyhole surgery. It sounded really good to me, so I went ahead and made an appointment for the operation. Two weeks later I had the operation. I was in hospital for 2 nights and went home the next day. I did not feel any pain. In fact I did not feel that I had had anything done. Four tiny incisions, one in my belly button, one each side and one about the hair line. Two months later they are hardly visible. I didn’t realise how much pain I was in until I had this done, my uterus was enlarged so it was good to have a hysterectomy. This operation has changed my life. I recommend this way of surgery to anyone. I went back to work 2 weeks after the operation and I was doing light housework after 4 days. Jose Roman is a good surgeon who explains everything to you and has excellent after care. ”

Mrs A. M.

Mount Maunganui

“My first contact with Mr Roman was as a result of having endured less than professional surgery within the public health system. After having suffered the trauma of an emergency ectopic pregnancy I was left with reoccurring problems and complications. Tests revealed that the fallopian tube and surrounding area had numerous adhesions, endometriosis and cysts and I would require more surgery. I could not face the thought of it. I phoned Mr Roman, late one night, The pain was intolerable and my stubbornness had given way to a very worried husband. Out of desperation I phoned a name I recognised from the phone book, never thinking an actual person would answer. But Jose did- and furthermore listened and agreed to see me the very next day. Reviewing my medical files, he recommended that the surgery take place sooner rather than later, (no waiting list?) and that he would accommodate a time in his schedule. In the past 18 months I have undergone two keyhole surgeries by Dr Roman. The professionalism and understanding I received was a polar opposite to what I imagine many women suffer at the hands of lesser experienced and educated Gynaecologists. The care and attention provided pre and post surgery kept me informed and I was able to heal faster with less pain and virtually no scarring. My sincere thanks to Mr Roman and his assisting team. The staff at Braemar Hospital, who are wonderful and have the patience of saints. For any woman reading this that may be needing a Gynaecologist, don’t make any hesitation phone Jose, chances are he will answer. ”

Mrs P.M


“I was advised to have an abdominal hysterectomy by a local surgeon in my home town. I was delighted when I heard of Dr Jose Roman’s skill in laparoscopic surgery from a fellow registered nurse and friend who worked personally with Dr Roman. It was worth the travel to Hamilton to avoid a major incision. With his incredible skill he was able to safely perform my major surgery laproscopically. It was quite a complex case and I am still truly amazed at my good outcome. His attention to detail made my surgery a complete success. I was impressed that he visited me twice a day in the initial post op period ensuring that my recovery was closely monitored. I have only tiny scars that are almost unnoticable and feel in the best of health. I am happy for anyone to phone me concerning this testimonial”.

Mrs G.M.


“In May 2006 after feeling unwell was referred by my GP to have a scan. There was a mass found on my ovaries. I was given a choice of 3 surgeons, after asking friends and acquaintences Dr Jose Roman’s name came up as the best so an appointment was made with Jose. I went on the Tuesday and was operated on the next Monday morning. From the first meeting with Jose I had every confidence in him. I had a laparotomy, abdominal hysterectomy and a 12 cm malignant tumour removed from my ovaries. I have 6 monthly visits with Jose and find him extremely thorough, as his office assistant’s one being his wife- a very professional friendly group. It is now 15 months since my surgery and the latest scan shows negative cancer. I have nothing but praise for Jose Roman a talented skilled surgeon. My 41 year old daughter required a hysterectomy 6 months ago and there was no doubt in our minds that Jose should do the operation. She was back at work in 2 weeks. ”

Mrs L.G.M.


“Jose explained all my options for a hysterectomy. Due to the size of my fibroid laparoscopy was not one of my options. Fortunately Jose went the extra mile and sourced a special piece of equipment from Germany which enable him to perform the laparoscopic hysterectomy. The operation was very successful with minimal scarring and pain, I was able to walk around the next day. Jose entire team were fantastic and I have been very happy with the entire process. ”

Mrs T.A.


“I have in the past had 15 major operations from the waist down in the “old” conventional way, of open surgery. How wonderful it was in July to have my next one done by keyhole laparoscopic. I came out of the anaesthetic feeling that I had not been in surgery. I had to keep reminding myself that I still had to be careful as inside there were stitches that had to be treated with care. I would recommend this way of surgery especially with a skilled surgeon like Jose Roman whom I have had as a Gynaecologist for about 10 years now. ”

Mrs J.P.W


“In 2005 I had surgery for a total hysterectomy, pelvic floor reconstruction, bowel and bladder prolapses, and an umbilical hernia. In 2007 I had TVT surgery to correct a urethral problem which was causing stress incontinence. Both repairs were carried out through keyhole surgery by Jose Roman and his team and have been total successes. I was quite apprehensive in the first instance because I remembered how I felt after an operation in 1976 for an ectopic pregnancy. My pain level after the operation was very high and it took a whole year for me to feel really better. However, my experiences this time round were hugely different. For a start off, Jose’s professional attitude, gentle manner, thorough explanations and kindness reassured me tremendously. I was treated very well at the hospital too and went into both surgeries feeling optimistic and confident. Afterwards, I was amazed to have no pain, just some discomfort from the tiny incisions. I had no major blood loss, so no need for a transfusion. I was out of hospital three days after the hysterectomy and one day after the TVT surgery. On my return home, I found that I was up and about almost immediately and within a few weeks was back driving and living a completely normal life. I did feel tired from time to time, but short naps sorted that out. Today I barely remember the operations and have suffered no trauma whatsoever from the experiences- a far cry from 1976!. I am extremely grateful that my GP referred me to Jose Roman, and that Jose, after appropriate tests, thorough examinations, and consultations with my husband and I, decided to use laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery. ”

Mrs A.M.B.


“On hearing from me that I required a surgeon as I needed to have a hysterectomy both my daughter in law and my sister recommended Jose D Roman. They had both had laparoscopic surgery performed by him and said he was great. I can confirm that Jose was polite, respectful and explained everything in detail, including showing you pictures to help explain. The laparoscopic surgery was great as the recovery time was nowhere near as long as normal open surgery. I was back at work only 2 weeks after surgery. (I had a caesarean section for the birth of one of my children and that took a lot longer). There are only 4 very small scars that are already fading into nothing and it has only been 7 weeks since the operation. I hope this helps other patients in their choice of Surgeon and in having laparoscopic surgery. ”

Mrs S.M.C.


“I have just recovered from pelvic floor reconstruction, a procedure carried out by gynaecologist Dr Jose Roman. The keyhole surgery involved only four small incisions in my abdomen, which were closed using dissolving stitches. The operation was performed under general anesthetic, the recovery was rapid and there was minimal discomfort. I was able to return to driving and light work duties within a week of surgery. I found Dr Roman to be professional and considerate. he explained the procedure thoroughly before surgery and very attentive after the operation. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Jose Roman and keyhole surgery to any woman requiring a gynaecological procedure. ”

Mrs R.M.J


“I recently had a laparoscopic hysterectomy performed by Dr Jose Roman. I could not believe how pain free and quick my recovery was. After a two night stay in hospital I went home and didn’t require any pain relief whatsoever. I felt well enough to go back to work in no time but knew it would be unwise as I am a dairy farmer and it was in the height of the calving season. So, as advised, for the first two weeks after my operation I took things easy but was able was to perform most household duties and by the third week I was comfotably doing light duties on the farm. After the third week, apart from lifting heavy objects, I was back to full duties and feeling fine. My sister who had recently had a hysterectomy, but not laparoscopically, couldn’t believe how quickly I recovered and how pain free I was all the way through. Apart from the four small incision marks on my abdomen I hardly knew I had had an operation and best of all no more heavy bleeding to contend with. I would strongly recommend anyone needing a hysterectomy, to whenever possible, have it performed laparoscopically. ”

Mrs G.H


“January 2007, I was referred by my Doctor to Jose D Roman to have surgery for fibroid cysts removal as well as a full hysterectomy. I was scared because I have never had surgery before. My first contact at Mr Roman’s clinic was welcoming and my surgery date booked very quickly, early February 2007. Follow up appointments were likewise friendly and non-stressful. The surgery took place at Braemar Hospital, Hamilton and I found all the staff there very kind and helpful. I especially found Mr Roman’s support staff and specialists very reassuring and informative. I would thoroughly recommend laparoscopic heyhole surgery to anyone. I only have four small marks on my tummy now and my whole body has healed and healed very quickly. I had arranged to have time off work running into my annual leave to allow as long as possible for recuperation. I was asked by my employer if I could return earlier for 2 weeks to help them over a staffing shortage. I was able to do so a few weeks after surgery wothout affecting my healing and recovery and my slighlt delayed annual leave was thoroughly enjoyed and I often forgot that I was a recovering patient. There are still times now when I can’t believe that I have had surgery and it was only six months ago!. ”

Mrs J.N.


“A big thank you goes out to the “A Team”. Dr Jose Roman you are awesome. I can’t speak highly enough of your expertise and professional manner. Everything went so smooth. I am feeling really good and is only been 2 weeks since surgery. Dr Nayar, my Anaesthetist, I have always had a huge fear of anaesthetics, but you made me feel confident and comfortable with your calm, easy and yet professional manner. Thank you so much. Braemar Hospital, to all the staff who helped look after me, you are outstanding. You were all easy to talk to. You all had a sense of humour. It could have been mistaken for a 5 star hotel. I had a great 2 night stay, thank you heaps. What a great experience it was for me and my husband. Thanks to the “A Team”. ”

Mrs J. P.


“I am a teacher from Hamilton who found unexpectedly that I needed a hysterectomy. I had an appointment within the week with Mr Roman. Options and reasons were explained to me fully. I chose to have Laparoscopic Surgery and was back at work after 2 weeks. I had no bruising and very little discomfort. I would highly recommend this procedure and Mr Roman.”

Mrs C.S.


“My experience of keyhole surgery with Mr Roman was completely a positive one. I was treated with expertise and dignity (and even a “healing talent” of humour at times!). My recovery was very satisfactory. I can assure anyone contemplating this surgery that it is a very worthy exercise in terms of regaining one’s health and mobility in a short time. Thank you for making an alarming chapter in my life to become such an agreable outcome. ”

Mrs H. S


“Sorry I’m not that great at writing letters, but I just had to let you know how good it is since recovering from my operation. My son will be sixteen years old soon, and I would not want to have another baby now. But I did find it a little emotionally hard to deal with for a few days. The recovery was very short and without a lot of discomfort or pain. This was very pleasing after having an operation. It is so great not to have any pain every month any more. I can go on my long walks without worrying about leaking tampons or having to use a public toilet. I can go out fishing on our boat without worrying about not having a toilet on the boat, or about mixing sea sick pills with panadol or with ponstan pills. You and every one on your team: Betty Wylemann, Krish Nayar, Sandra McDonald, and the hospital staff were very pleasant to deal with. They helped ease the anxiety and fear that goes with having an operation. The skills you have to perform laparoscopic surgery are amazing, and not many people would have the skills needed to do the delicate surgery. I’m so pleased that I was referred to such a qualified group of professionals. A big thank you, from me, and thank you for the wonderful help that you give to so many women. ”

Mrs J.T.


“I have had a hysterectomy and a pelvic repair performed by Jose Roman. I would definitely recommend Jose to any woman requiring this type of surgery. It was refreshing to find a specialist who is neither aloof nor intimidating, but welcoming and who was very patient with this particular menopausal lady when things needing explaining more than once! This makes such a difference in situations when a woman can feel quite vulnerable and scared. The less invasive laparoscopic surgery enabled me to bounce back after my hysterectomy and I was “doing the laps” of Braemar Hospital within a couple of days! Thanks Jose (and Betty).”

Mrs R.W.


“After a visit to my G.P. with gynaecological problems, she referred me to Jose Roman. She also mentioned he had performed laparoscopic surgery on her and she would highly recommend him. I felt very comfortable meeting Jose, and after an examination he explained the problems I had and talked through the procedures I needed, showing me detailed information and diagrams that made it easy to understand. I found the discussion reassuring and felt I was in very capable hands to follow through with laparoscopic surgery. I was very apprehensive just prior to the operation as I had never had surgery before, but I’m pleased to say I emerged from theatre after quite a complex operation with no complications, proving Jose Romans laparoscopic skills are exceptional. I am completely convinced that laparoscopic surgery is a far less traumatic procedure than open surgery and reducing the recovery time. After a few weeks convalescing, I was back enjoying my active lifestyle again. ”

Mrs J.G.B


“I would highly recommend Jose Roman to anyone considering laparoscopic surgery. Mr Roman has a thoughtful and considerate nature. He explained the extent of proposed surgery in an understanding, unpressured and knowledgeable manner, outlining the benefits, alternatives and possible negatives so that I felt fully informed about my situation. He is an experienced surgeon who provided excellent post operative care and advice. I was very happy with the outcome of the laparoscopic surgery as it was less invasive and the recovery was quicker. I would not hesitate to return to him if necessary in the future. ”

Mrs J.B


“For many years I lived with feeling under par, with heavy bleeding and a lot of pain. Although, not one for hospitals and operations, my mind was put to rest when I met Jose D Roman, Consultant Gynaecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon. In February 2006, I was operated on by Jose, using laparoscopic method. Though no one likes the thought of being “cut”, with the keyhole (laparoscopic) method , there is no scarring, and once over the operation, with rest and recuperations, there is no visible scars, or marks, only you know what your body has been through, and all you have to do is get back on your feet, get back to your lifestyle, and if like me feel better than you have for many years. I would like to thank Jose for all his care. ”

Mrs H. L.


“Having had 3 operations now performed by Dr Roman I can’t speak highly enough of Dr Roman, his highly professional team and the benefits of laparoscopic surgery. Both his pre and postoperation preparedness, informative information given and “personalised” support is just wonderful. His surgical team are just great making you feel at ease pre-op, informing you about what is to happen next, giving you reassurance with a smile, you are not just treated as “next on the list”. Recovery time is very quick witn minimal pain and discomfort eases over a matter of days, not weeks. Whilst you have a few tiny cuts the scars fade in no time, to the point where you can’t see them!. I sincerely recommend this surgery option, performed by Dr Roman and his team to anyone, surgery can be stressful enough without the worry of knowing if you are in “good hands”, you are!. This type of surgery allows you to recover much quicker getting you back on deck in no time!. ”

Ms L.G.


“As the months have passed by, I am very aware of great thankfulness for your skill and expertise in giving me an improved quality of health, as a result of your successful repair procedures. I also wish to express my gratitude for your caring and sensitive advice to my husband and me in our initial approach for your help. This was very much appreciated at a very stressful time in our lives. With our Best Wishes to you and Betty, and sincere thanks. ”

Mrs G.K


“ Thank you Betty for your care and personal approach with my daughter and myself. A million thanks Jose for everything. My daughter plans to follow up with you in November. She is pain free, has joined the gym, is losing weight, hasn’t smoked since before surgery (fingers crossed it continues!) and is getting her life back on track. ”

Mrs L.F.


“I am grateful for the knowledge and skills that you all possess and really want to express my heartfely thanks for what you have done for me. You have changed my life, particularly in quality. Throughout the entire procedure, from diagnosis to discharge from the hospital I felt totally supported and in capable hands. ”

Ms C.T.


“I would highly recommend Mr Jose Roman to any woman seeking advice or treatment for a gynaecological problem. His highly professional but friendly manner with patients, combined with the highest degree of competency and a wealth of experience in laparoscopic surgery ,made me feel totally relaxed about undergoing a total hysterectomy. Post-operative care was exceptional and recovery from surgery unbelievably rapid and painless! I was cooking dinner 2 days after surgery and back at work 2 weeks later! I have never felt better, and wouldn’t hesitate for one moment to have the procedure done again tomorrow! ”

Dr J.P.


“My experience with Dr Jose Roman and his team was amazing As soon as I met Jose i felt comfortable and knew i was in the best possible hands. I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy 7 weeks ago and I cannot believe how amazing i feel. I have dealt with heavy and painful periods for many years and was relieved to have a diagnosis which was Adenomyosis. The day before my operation at Braemar I was a bundle of nerves but after a reassuring phone call I felt so much better. The whole team at Braemar were fabulous, I couldn’t have felt more looked after anywhere else. Jose, I cant thank you enough for giving me my life back! ”

Ms L.M.


“I have just had my final check up with Jose Roman, following a total laparoscopic hysterectomy (necessary to remove a large twisted troublesome fibroid) and everything is just great !. I put off having necessary surgery for some time, until extensive research and reading testimonials such as this, led me to travel to the Waikato to see Jose. He was able to offer me the surgery through a totally laparoscopic method- hence no assistance through the vagina nor any stitches in this area. As a result I booked in at first available time. Now, I had some firm ideas about keeping certain feminine parts, but on reflection of the facts Jose presented, I decided leave every decision to the expert. I made a good call. It has been said the nurses can be worrisome patients but I felt totally relaxed and slept soundly the night before surgery in our accommodation away from home. My morning surgery took 3 1/2 hours and I had the most glorious sleep that afternoon. I was up as soon as allowed the next morning and did 8 laps of the hospital that day. It was great to be so agile and to not have even a skerrick of pv bleeding. Everything was as Jose explained and I expected, unless it exceeded my expectations. I didn’t expect to enjoy my time in hospital as I did (but then Braemar isn’t any hospital). I underwent major surgery and spent 2 nights in hospital. The 3 1/2 hour trip home the day after discharge, was no problem at all and I was perfectly comfortable. I followed Jose’s instructions closely, during the recovery time, even though at times I felt quite able to do more. I am now totally recovered from the surgery and it’s great to be back to normal in every way. The 4 tiny incisions (portholes) will continue to fade and disappear in time. That saying, behind every great man is a woman, is very true in this case. But Jose has not only one, but a whole team of mainly women, behind him. The team cannot speak highly enough about Jose – neither can my husband and I. I now realise that this very kind and humble man is at the top of his field, worldwide. I am extremely grateful for the kind and expert care I received from Jose, Betty, Bronwyn and all the team at Braemar. If our health system was perfect, every women would have the opportunity and experience I had. I felt quite sad saying my goodbyes. ”

Mrs Jeannie T.

Hawkes Bay

“Exceptional is one word to describe Jose Roman and his team. Jose’s skill in performing a Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy has enhanced my life. From the first day you meet Jose, you know without doubt that he will cover every step and reassure every worry relating to a procedure. I was given a clear explanation on the procedure and what to expect post op. To be given a cell number to call him at any time with any concerns pre and post op is unbelievable. The speed of getting into surgery , again with clear and concise information, through to his team who are also as genuine and caring as Jose. The surgery leaves you with little discomfort and it’s an easy thing to leave hospital and get home with no worries at all for a speedy recovery. Back at work within 2weeks and felt I could have gone earlier was easy. I would recommend to anyone Jose roman if contemplating laparoscopic surgery. You will be impressed. Don’t waste time worrying-there is no need. Start planning what you will be doing after as it’s not going to take long at all. ”

Mrs J.S.


“I am so pleased to be able to write this testimonial for Jose and his amazing team, Chris (my brilliant anaesthetist) and his anaesthetic team and the amazing nurses and staff at Braemar – this is what I wrote the night of My op on facebook…“What a great day today has been, so blessed to hav had such a positive experience; great personal support, lovely friendly staff, brilliant surgeon and the best anaethetist eva with the perfect cocktail — at Braemar Hospital”. “Fanks Chris Tse ya mix the meeeeeanest cocktail :-D hav neva felt this gud after an op :D YOU ROCK!!!!”** Jose came highly recommended both via a good colleague and My best friend who had had Jose before as her surgeon. As a nurse myself I knew a little of what to expect, however I have to say Jose and his team far surpassed my expectations. I had the best experience from start to finish with this operation, brilliant before, during and after care – everything explained in detail and factually by Jose and his staff, I felt so welcomed, cared for and understood by all I dealt with. All possible options were discussed and explored in depth, Jose and his team were accommodating, professional and quite frankly more than I could have ever hoped for. I have had prior lap surgeries with bad experiences including pain +++ and nausea and vomiting post op each time. This time was a breeze :) great initial pain relief and early mobilisation, no drains – came home only needing paracetamol prn and haven’t looked back. Thank You from the bottom of My heart. ”

Mrs L Robinson


“I am a 42 year old mother of two girls under 10 years old. I had an abnormal smear early May 2014 requiring further investigation. A referral was sent through to Waikato Hospital but I decided to go private. My GP referred me to Mr Jose Roman ( I have thanked her for this several times) . I received a phone call from his receptionist within 24hours of that referral being sent, my first appointment was made for the following week. From the moment I entered his rooms I was made to feel comfortable initially by reception and then by Jose himself. Jose kept me informed of each process prior to occurrence and maintained my dignity with a professional ease. At the first appointment (colposcopy) Jose was able to confirm presence of pre-cancer cells stage to be confirmed with the Biopsy. He discussed this with me and gave me some pamphlets to read. The following week I was contacted and a second appointment to discuss biopsy results occurred. This followed within two weeks with a Hysterectomy. This news in itself could be quite devastating. However, Jose was able to provide clear professional explanations of any treatment options that took into consideration where I was at in my life – family, age etc. This meant that I was totally comfortably in arranging the surgery date at that time – of course my husband and I had discussed possibilities after the initial appointment so my decision wasn’t going to be a surprise. Ironically the day of my surgery, I received the letter from the Public Health System informing that my initial appointment would be 4-6weeks wait (8 – 12 weeks post my initial appointment with Jose). Surgery occurred at Braemar Hospital. I only have praise for the professional personable experience that both myself and my husband had. It was very clear that Jose was very working within a highly professional well tuned TEAM. My follow- up appointments post surgery continued with the same professional and personable manner as pre surgery. The comment on completion of my final appointment “… in the nicest possible way – I hope we don’t have to see each other again… “ was a fitting end. However, should anything need to be followed up in future – I know exactly who I will go to see – Mr Jose Roman. ”

Mrs A.C.