Sandra McDonald

First Laparoscopic Surgical Assistant

Sandra began her operating theatre experience in 1985 at Braemar Hospital, Hamilton. During the following years she attended all the available first assistant training courses at the Surgical Skills Training Centre in Auckland.

Since 1997 She has practiced as an independent laparoscopic and open surgical assistant to several surgeons and currently assists in the specialties of gynaecology, urology and general surgery. During this time she has gained a Graduate Certificate in Perioperative Nursing and upgraded her nursing diploma (gained in 1982) to a Bachelors of Health Science (Nursing). At the end of 2007 she completed her final post-graduate diploma paper through Southern Cross University, Australia with High Distinction. This post-graduate diploma gives her a specialised qualification as a Perioperative Nurse Surgeon’s Assistant. She has assisted Jose on a regular basis since the late 1990’s. She has become part of a very cohesive team whose greatest aim is to provide our patients with the best possible care during their surgical experience. Working together as a team has allowed the succesful performance of many difficult laparoscopic procedures.

Sandra’s personal aim is to provide reassurance, quality intraoperative assisting skill, education and support to those women undergoing surgery.